The Great Regional Uplift Plan; Make “The American Dream” a Reality for You and Your Community

20 Mar The Great Regional Uplift Plan; Make “The American Dream” a Reality for You and Your Community

Luc Goulet – “The Leverage Guy”, author of The Big Bang Project – Creating Humanity’s Best Case Scenario.

My ambitious mission is to trigger our next phase of evolution, and to begin the process of social repair by engaging a conversation about positive change. New ideas are proposed for concrete actions to improve our situation.

Frustration and disillusion about traditional politics and capitalism has emerged all over America. This is a sign that for a lot of people, “The American Dream” has become exactly that: a dream.

The middle class has been the most important victim, with opportunities slipping away more and more into the hands of the few rich and powerful.

What if there was a solution allowing the best of you and every community to prevail? What if we can easily remodel our system to bring back opportunity for all?

The idea is to recognize there are three spheres of power and influence at work. The first is what I call ‘Individuals and Society’, the second is ‘Industries and Business’, which represents Capitalism (or the ‘Right’), and the third is the Government (municipal, state, and national), representing Democracy (or the ‘Left’).

Each of these spheres plays a crucial role. Understanding the fact that they are deeply interconnected, and how each can take part to maximize the potential of every community is the next important step.

In my book, “The Big Bang Project, Creating Humanity’s Best Case Scenario”, I have introduced this approach as a global action plan. Promoting regional growth across the country, using this concept, can bring us back to the real “American Dream”.


The first sphere (Individuals and Society) has enormous power and influence, more than most realize! The fact is that we can influence change. We elect our politicians to serve us, we can influence all levels of government to decide to encourage local businesses where profit stays in our region. Our individual choices and behaviors are at the core of future changes (this was the topic of my first blog).

If we really want things to change, we can’t rely solely on the Government or large corporations to solve all our problems. The population must also do its part and be also ready to change for the better. Our mayors can be our best political allies, as they are the closest to their people. This blog is addressed to all positive forces in every region.

– Our Mayors; this is an enormous power to be able to be the “conductor” of your region’s game changers. You can impact your population in more ways than any politicians, and influence State and Federal political levels. You have the power to inspire positive change thru your population’s initiatives. This is HUGE!

The question is not WHERE’s your region, but rather WHO?

The idea is to creating a unique Local Identity, a Brand, like an organisation where everyone counts, embracing diversity. Reuniting all positive forces to work together to make everyone part of the solution.

Every region already counts many positive contributors, from multiple sources. Many people participate actively in making their community a better place. These local heroes are volunteers in NGOs, Foundations, Associations and Church groups.

What if instead of doing their work in solo, even sometimes competing one and other, all positive forces would join in the efforts to mobilize the community?

So much can be done by us working together for a common goal! Let’s create a unified local platform where everyone can find a way to participate the way they can, by seeing all the possibilities under one roof. Let’s create a kindness vibe and make it easy for people to join in. Together we can provide for the neediest, a roof, and food. Then we must integrate them in the society.

What if we reunite through music, art, and sports? Our local artists and athletes can help create a community involvement by all individuals who want to get involved (including immigrants, refugees). This great diversity of people, from different cultures, races, and religions, can join like never before!

Downtown streets, where all the merchants have difficulty attracting business, would attract people by letting our artists shine. Your local artists would bring a local flavor like nothing else. Let downtown be a place to hang out safely thanks to music.

– Local businesses;

Think of what we can do if we work in concert with the local businesses (in concert with the Chamber of Commerce) to help provide skills and experience to lift people out of poverty.

Creating jobs by asking what products we can produce locally that is presently produced in another country. By creating a COOP or another type of association or partnership of local businesses.

– Create a local Brand that can be sold in local retailers; the shared profit remains in local hands, creating local jobs.

– Create a “Regional Business Website” offering local retailers and local businesses a Web Platform; making it easy for the population to find and buy local.

Banks and large industries are welcome to encourage local growth by financing and partnering with local entities.

Politicians of every level can provide the best settings for regional growth by giving incentives for buying local such as no sales tax on locally made products sold where the profit stays in the regions. A form of tax discount could be offered to large entities that partner with local businesses across the country. This method is better than the punitive approach presently discussed by politicians. This path results in real changes instead of simply giving more income for the Government, without creating jobs and opportunities.

Buying local makes a great measurable positive impact on the local economy by creating jobs and keeping wealth in regions. This means we must also produce, assemble, and distribute as locally as possible.

Every region should create a “The Big Bang Project” Regional Facebook page and website, part of a National Platform, so that every good idea can be shared nationally.

This is the beginning of a great positive movement embracing peace, diversity, fairness, and opportunity for all. Thank you for your feedback and participation.

Let me help your region to implement a concrete Regional Action Plan that will let the best of your community prevail.

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