What Can You Really Do for Your Country?

20 Mar What Can You Really Do for Your Country?


By Luc Goulet, “The Leverage Guy”, author of The Big Bang Project – Creating Humanity’s Best Case Scenario.

President Kennedy’s famous question “Ask yourself not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, has yet to be answered clearly, by any political party… On an individual level, we can do many small actions that can make a huge difference.

The key for a country to thrive is creating an opportunity for all citizens to be part of the solution. Society is made of individuals… The better we can become as individuals, the better we can contribute. My recipe is quite simple: “From Self-Empowerment, to Local Commitment, to National and Global Impact”.

This blog is devoted on sharing five concrete personal actions and rewards to inspire you to be an important part of the solution, and enjoying the many benefits. Let’s create together a great country by strengthening your regional growth.


  • Buy local: “buying is voting”; Studies have revealed that the impact of buying local is tremendous. For example, for a population of 1 million, if everyone would buy $20.00 more per week of their local products and services, it would add over 10 000 new jobs in that community alone!


  • Create real jobs opportunities in YOUR community
  • Financial impact on local economy: profits, municipal and state taxes
  • Create for local businessesthe opportunities to prosper and hire
  • Have the best personalized service
  • Make your community stronger
  • Feel good about your positive impact
  • Local Commitment;- The many faces of KINDNESS!!! The “One day per month volunteering challenge”. Find the right cause and best way for you to contribute. How can I contribute using my passions and skills, and have fun? Imagine if 10% of a population of 200 000 people would take one day per month for local volunteering, it would add up to 20 000 extra productive days per month for helping people in need! Just in your community!


  • The best “Feel Good” of all, and Gratifying feelings of accomplishment
  • Make new friends who share the same passion
  • Avoid boredom and loneliness, great to uplift your spirit
  • Learn new skills and discover hidden talents
  • Pride of having a real impact for real people in your community
  • Recognition by family, friends and community, that you are a positive force being part of the solution
  • The legacy you leave behind, the values you teach, the inspiration you bring to your children, friends and neighbors
  • Contacts and networking helping your career; jobs opportunities
  • Bring a new perspective, appreciate your life and situation
  • Knowing that you have become a better human being
  • Bottom line: better yourself, better your relations, better your career
  • Revise your personal behavior -Embrace and Celebrate Diversity;be open minded to change, appreciate and embrace diversity. Here’s an idea I wrote in my book “The Big Bang Project”. I believe everybody should read this!

The ¨Humble Human¨ perspective;

“This time, please take a moment to try my virtual ¨Humble Human¨ hat, one size fits all! It comes with these thoughts:

¨I am humble before the universe, for its immensity beyond my comprehension. It holds so many mysteries we may never unlock.

I am humble before our galaxy, for it hides countless diverse wonders we have yet to explore and understand.

I am humble before earth, for its incredible diversity, the awesome delicate balance of nature, its great power, and all it provides.

I am humble before mankind, for its great resilience, ingenuity, creativity, and diversity.

I am humble before you, for all the skills, talent, knowledge, and experiences you possess that I don’t.

I am humble before my own potential, the life I have, all what I can do and give, and how my ideas, inspirations, and actions can make a great difference.

I am humble before the opportunity of learning from you, share and contribute with you to make this world a better place.¨

With these thoughts in mind, it becomes easier to appreciate diversity. It is what makes the universe, nature, and our individuality. We all complement each other, this is our biggest strength! So thank you for being different and unique, you add your distinctive colors and nuances which we can all benefit from. I can only grow from the inspirations given by your unique perspective. I need to recognise and embrace the fact that, even though I possess unique skills and ideas in many things, there are many people smarter, stronger, and with more talent than me in many things. And that, in every race, society, gender, and faith. And we are all better for it! Where others are weak, you are strong, and vice-versa. Again, the awesome balance of nature expressed by our incredible diversity.”


  • Learn new perspectives, acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Focus on issues, not perceptions
  • Get rid of prejudice and preconceived ideas, discard the negative
  • Find a consensus based on values and actions rather than culture or faith
  • Find the positive in everyone, and you can collaborate in common goals
  • Avoid unnecessary conflicts
  • Increase your networking, have more friends and allies
  • Become a “brand of good”, be respected by many
  • Invest in yourself; always be open to learn how to better yourself. Check out leverageyourmind.com to learn how to become the master of your mind, and the mastermind of your life!


  • Align yourself with success
  • Become the Expert in your field
  • Maximize your potential
  • Learn the best management, marketing, branding methods that can apply to your personal challenges and goals
  • Continual improvement, never be “outdated”
  • Build your confidence and “Personal Brand”   

Be part of the movement of positive change; join with like-minded people to better your impact! Sign in at thebigbangproject.com


  • Networking with like-minded people
  • Spread the word and be a positive influence
  • Be remembered as a positive agent of change
  • Others will want to join
  • A better me equals a better we, and vice-versa
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