Letter from humanity to Religious extremists…

21 Mar Letter from humanity to Religious extremists…

Letter from humanity to religious extremists

By Luc Goulet, “The Leverage Guy”, author of The Big Bang Project – Creating Humanity’s Best


Your actions are contrary to the message of your own religion. Your actions have taken away all credibility to your cause. You are seen and perceived as being completely brainwashed, having lost reason, and the connection with your inner sense of right and wrong. How can a human being commit such horrific acts in the name of any God? Have you no heart? No religion teaches to fuel your hatred with revenge or creating a tactic of fear.

You definitely got our attention, but in the worst possible way. Instead of being sympathetic to your cause, your choice of inhumane violence versus the choice of arguments, has rallied to whole world against you…

A rare world consensus: You have gone way too far, no reason can justify such unthinkable horrible acts of violence!

You represent a very small minority even within your own faith. Your world representation is therefore insignificant. Your army may be quite impressive, but it is no match compared to the combined world armies. Your true odds of winning are nil.

The world has evolved greatly while your beliefs remained in a standstill for centuries. Your barbaric ways belong to an era long gone. Your interpretation of religion is disconnect to today’s reality. It belongs to a time where some faiths believed the world was flat and if you travel to the edges, you fall in hell… And the list of misinformation from all religions goes on… Do you honestly believe that physical rewards are waiting for you in heaven such as virgins, good wine and a feast? How can you expect a non-physical dimension to provide physical gifts? Questioning ourselves to continually improve is the base of evolution. Science and cultures have moved forward, why can’t you?


Hell must be overcrowded…

According to you, everyone who does not believe in YOUR GOD is going to hell. Think about it, are all the civilisations throughout mankind’s history that existed before your religion was created have gone to hell simply they were never introduced to YOUR GOD?

All of humanity with different faiths, even all societies who ignore the existence of YOUR GOD are going to hell… Any person with great values that spreads love and respect while being a positive contributor to society, deserves to go to hell because his spirituality is expressed differently than YOUR RELIGION…



How many generations must pay for mistakes done in the past?

We agree that many behaviors of imperialism have been wrong and unethical, and that throughout history. The great powers colonialized continents with no regards of what they considered “sub-cultures”.

Must we punish present generations for all the errors of our ancestors? This logic suggests that we kill all Germans, including new-borns, because of what Hitler did? All Americans should be tortured for the days of slavery? All descendants of all civilisations that conquered should still be punished? How far back must we go and how long will this last?

The world needs to move on looking at the future, not reliving the past forever. This eternal grudge and need for revenge serve no positive purpose. You must get out of this unending loop of violence leading to self-destruction.


Ask yourself this:

Who is the greater man, the one who believes women are his possession, or a man who understands that it is a privilege to be loved.

Who’s the better man, the one that imposes his way, justifies his superiority with his interpretation of texts written over a thousand years ago, or the man who is open for change and encourages everyone, especially his love ones, to speak their mind?

Who is more powerful, the man who keeps women in ignorance to keep his superiority, or the man who helps women learn and grow, recognising women as equals?

Who is the stronger man, the one that forces woman to hide under a veil because of their barbaric incapacity to see a woman without sexual thoughts, or the man who can contain himself and lets women free to wear what pleases them, not having to pay for men’s weaknesses? By the way, have you tried wearing a burka for a week? Why don’t men of your extreme faith wear a chastity device, instead of imposing woman to cover themselves because you can’t handle it? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT WOMEN!

Who is really loved, the man who uses fear to maintain control and his superiority, or the man humble before his woman, and tries constantly to offer her the best conditions for growth, with unconditional love and respect?

I ask you, would you have the same speech if you were a woman? Haven’t you heard the cries of mothers giving birth to a girl knowing too well her fate? Are you that much insensitive, have you no compassion?

Society is the greatest beneficiary from the emancipation, freedom, and equality of women. Women strive and are contributing to the strength of the families and the communities. We can learn much from their wisdom and sensible perspectives…

Which society is wiser, a culture that persecutes, captures and tortures, will even kill anyone, foreigners, fellow citizens, brothers and sisters, simply for thinking differently, or societies that have welcomed every race, culture and faith, building together a country based on respect for all. Countries that have offered accommodations to all religions, even Muslims are allowed to build mosques to encourage people of your community to preach their God?

Your barbaric actions are not only worthy of your religion, but completely inhumane.

In the name of your God, in the name of humanity, stop this senseless violence. This avenue will lead to your demise. Democracy is the way mankind has chosen for its evolution, drop your weapons and join the conversation towards compromise. It is your only way out to avoid your destruction. Choosing the world as enemy is not a good idea!

Only through an approved democratic process may you dream of having a religious state. Any other methods will make you dream impossible. A state that is not recognised from the international community has no chance to strive…

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