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My inteview with Jack Canfield!

Posted by Luc Goulet on Monday, October 5, 2015

My ambitious goal is to trigger mankind’s next phase of evolution. I believe that humans can evolve in a positive way. I spent the last thirty-five years asking myself how we can best progress as individuals, society, and species.

It all started with a commitment I made myself one sleepless night, at the age of fifteen, summer of 1979. I had just accomplished the improbable by getting rid of my heavy stutter that I had to endure all my life, thanks to the practice of self-hypnosis. I had learned that I can reprogram myself—and that I can use this technique at will, for anything. I understood that there are no limits to our capabilities if we truly believe it and have a strong positive focus. I learned as well that for positive change to happen, you need to use positive suggestions and thoughts. That forces oneself to reinvent many new lines of questioning. Asking the right question in a positive manner can be transposed in everything you do. My first vision that night was that I would one day write a book to help people achieve the best they can be and to explain that anything we want to change, we can.

As I developed a national retail chain of franchised stores with my sister and brother, I have kept my project in the back burner. Always adapting to new markets requires an open mind, research, and respect for different cultures. Managing a fast-growing company makes you great at understanding priorities, training, delegating, and motivating. In order to succeed, you understand it can only be done by teamwork, and that every member is important.

Throughout the years, these thoughts of sharing self-improvement methods evolved into social questioning and ideas about human evolution. Being an insomniac gave me lots of time to ask myself if there can be better ways for democracy to be expressed and whether capitalism can evolve in a positive manner to better create and spread wealth.

After selling my shares to my partner at the age of thirty-five, I devoted myself to my family and my passions while completing my MBA. Again, all those best principles of management may be used in many other spheres of our lives, personal and social.

I then experienced how volunteering helps others and is an important aspect of becoming a better human being. After a few years, I decided to go ahead with my lifelong mission. All my life’s experiences made me feel confident and ready to share my vision for humanity’s best path of evolution.

I am not a politician, and I do not represent any private organization or religious group. I’m not a specialist; I’m a generalist, someone with a global view.

Bono sings “One Voice,” inspiring us to speak out. That’s what I’m doing. I’m simply the voice of a fellow earthling, guided by a genuine love and respect for people, imagination, and common sense, with an extraordinary vision of a better world.

Instead of going into great details, I chose to treat more concepts, ideas, and subjects so they may be developed later on, with your input. The details and specifics are not part of this exercise. The Big Bang Project needs to be a simple, quick read. The first phase is meant to propose a common platform of expression, to begin a process of positive change. Experts and amateurs from different fields are encouraged to confirm or refute my ideas, or even propose better solutions.

I certainly do not claim to have all the answers, but I do ask better questions, leading to better solutions. You will probably not agree with all my views; that’s to be expected. My goal is to initiate a reaction from everyone who wants to get involved in the process of positive change.

Thank you for your curiosity, open mind, and desire for a better world.