Evolution of Capitalism

20 Mar What Can You Really Do for Your Country?

TOP 5 PERSONAL ACTIONS AND REWARDS By Luc Goulet, “The Leverage Guy”, author of The Big Bang Project – Creating Humanity’s Best Case Scenario. President Kennedy’s famous question “Ask yourself not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, has yet to be answered clearly, by any political party… On an individual level, we can do many small actions that can make a huge difference. The key for a country to thrive is creating an opportunity for all citizens to be part of the solution. Society is made of individuals… The better we can become as individuals, the better we can contribute. My recipe is quite simple: “From Self-Empowerment, to Local Commitment, to National and Global Impact”. This blog is devoted on sharing five concrete personal actions and rewards to inspire you to be an important part of the solution, and enjoying the many benefits. Let’s create...

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