Luc’s Vision

Luc Goulet – The Leverage Guy

Luc has enjoyed great success in every sphere of his life and is now devoted into helping trigger positive evolution for Individuals, Businesses and Foundations, and Society.

Luc’s Vision

“A Better Me for a Better We, and a Better We for a Better Me”. Society is made of individuals… By empowering people, we create a better society. By helping all positive contributors we empower communities. By empowering communities we strengthen our country, we then inspire the world for positive change.

The Mission

“From Self-Empowerment, to Local Commitment, to Global Impact”. My mission is to give the tools for people to thrive, to give businesses and all types of organisations new ideas and the best knowledge and plan available. Finally, we must take this historical opportunity to put forth positive ideas to make our country and the world better.


Luc believes in the power of uniting with like-minded people and professionals for a greater impact. So, he is creating his every growing “Dream Team” of renowned experts and mentors in all many different fields to join forces on three fronts:

  • Leverage Your Mind – The Next Phase of Self-Empowerment
  • Leverage Your Business
  • Leverage Our Social Potential

Thanks to Luc’s unique and simple “3R For Success” approach:

  • Recognize; recognize what you want to change, learn the best methods
  • Reset; reset your mindset, create the perfect strategy
  • Reinvent; reinvent through action, execute the perfect plan