The Mission

The Big Bang Project is all about creating a common platform for positive evolution of the three great forces: individuals and society, the Left, and the Right. This book presents ways to rethink the behaviors and responsibilities of these three great entities in a new formula. For real change to happen, these three great spheres of influence, which are closely intertwined, need to work in concert toward a common goal.

As the title suggests, The Big Bang Project is not just a book. It is a project with a great mission: triggering the creation of humanity’s best-case scenario through a positive approach, where everyone has the opportunity to be part of the conversation and the solution.

The ultimate goal is that every human be free in the true sense: right of expression without political and religious prejudice, right for knowledge and information, right to be an active member of the community by working and earning an honest living (and the possibility of even more), the right of free speech, and the right to believe in any faith (or not).

First, we must form a strong core that will attract many. Each of us represents the essence of the energy the core needs. Let’s remember that we all can make a true difference. Our individual actions can have a great impact. The possibility of change is real when there is a common will and a unified effort.

The Big Bang Project suggests that the future of mankind should rest on the people, not on private institutions, religion, or governments.